Beer Soap Collection

Beer Soap Collection

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Our trio of beer soaps is a perfect gift for beer drinkers and soap lovers alike. BrewMaster’s, Stout & Oats, and Half Pint were created from SS5 formulation of skin-loving ingredients and made with real beer. Beer soap is an excellent skin treatment as beer is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.


BrewMaster Beer Soap is a wonderful skin-loving bar made with hops-infused oils and a unique blend of frothy beer.   The alcohol is removed during the soap-making process leaving behind smooth conditioning hydrating properties with an additive creamy lather.  Makes for a refreshing shower any time of the day.


Extra Stout is considered the champion of beers. SS5. Stout & Oat Beer Soap is fit for a champion. Made from a rich, bold extra Stout in combination with moisturizing oils and butters this bar is infused with skin-soothing hops with a fresh clean uplifting fragrance


Half Pint Beer Soap is made with dehydrated beer which provides an epic amount of hopsy skin-pampering goodness.  The awesome frothy bubbles transform your shower into a breathtaking experience

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