About us

As we are all impacted by COVID-19 Soap Studio on Fifth remains committed to serving our customers.  There may be a delay in you receiving your order as our facility is practicing social distancing and continuous sanitation practices to ensure your products are created and shipped out to you safely.

Soap Studio on Fifth will continue responsible operations and keep up with COVID-19 guidelines.  We hope that you and your family are healthy and staying safe.

Contact us if you have any questions at 718-636-9326 or hello@soaponfifth.com and thank you for understanding.



Thank you for visiting Soap Studio on Fifth. Our name comes from our fifth floor creative workspace in Brooklyn, New York where it all began. We would like to be a part of your daily self-pampering routine. Our artisanal soaps and personal care products are made by hand, in small batches to ensure we give our customers the best possible finished product. Let us help you prepare for your day or unwind after a long day’s work. With rich luxurious lathers of our handmade soaps, you are left feeling clean, refreshed and special. We at Soap Studio on Fifth are dedicated and passionate about our process, our products and the beautiful diverse people who use them. So enjoy your bath, celebrate your shower and above all take care of yourself.

About The Founder

I utilize the teachings and techniques of aromatherapy experimenting with different combinations of butters, oils and other ingredients to create new and exciting products. Along the way making soap became my passion. I shared my creations with family and friends for birthdays and holidays. Before long there were weekly request for products, and the business grew from a simple desire to make soap to sharing the amazing creations with as many people as possible. Melt and Pour was the first soap-making technique I used. Blending with botanicals, essentials oils and extracts, I was able to customize some of my most popular creations, like Refreshing Bamboo Retreat, Invigorating Vanilla Dream, Soothing Extra Virgin and Melissa & Co. to name of few.

Today Soap Studio on Fifth has added Artisanal Cold and Hot Process Soap-Making to the repertoire as well as Lotion and Body Scrubs. We test all our products first on ourselves, then on friends before offering them to our customers. So whether you need to adjust your mood, or create a mood give us a call and let the creative process evolve. Our products make wonderful gifts and unique favors for all occasions.


A small sample of the good words of some satisfied clients

Thank you Soap Studio on Fifth.  Soap has become personal!  Developed for my personality I thoroughly enjoy the aromatic fragrance of the scents that are pleasurable, including the one which was developed especially for me.  They are packed for every trip away from home.  Containing moisturizers there is no dryness of skin.

Desiree Serrette


“ I LOOOOOOOOVVEEE IT! From the Vine (Red Wine Soap) It reminds me of fresh sweet sangria, like I am bathing in it. The soap also makes my skin feel very soft after my shower. The sweet smell also stays so that it is like my natural perfume. I wish I can bath in it all day! ”

- Emily Chan

“ I have been lucky enough to have tried a variety of Soap Studio on Fifth soaps, and two favorites come to mind.  Top of my list is the Autumn Harvest Oatmeal Soap. Not only does it smell terrific, but the texture is wonderful, just the right amount of scratchy, in a good way!  I love it!  Next comes the Lemonade Lather, that makes me hope for summer to come soon, it smells like warm weather and sunshine.  Love them all! ”

- Cara Tannenbaum

“ I’ve been using Soap Studio on Fifth product line for a good five years now. I have so many favorites but I’ll only list a few: Two of my favorites are the Oatmeal Honey and Vanilla Dream soap! I love the richness of the soap and its fragrance. Makes my skin very soft and so refreshed! The Body oils are a combination of lightly scented fragrances and smooth moisturizers. Last but number one on my chart is the Hemp hand lotion. The fragrance is soft and it really keeps my hands and feet soft and smooth. Great for summer weather! Soap Studio on Fifth keeps my skin on point that has me receiving compliments regularly! ”

“ My dear SoapGirl Cae owns it, her creativity is great, and she carries great products! ”

- Carolyn Baskerville

“ One of my favorite soaps to use from Soap Studio on Fifth is the Stout & Oats (Guinness and Oatmeal) I’ve given gifts packages of soaps, Massage oils and lotions from Soap Studio for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and part favors and each time they were well received.  These hand-made products have been used by my family and friends for over 10 years.  Customers Service from Soap Studio on Fifth is top notch and has a personal touch.  It is great doing business with Cae and using her products over the Years ”

- Franco


Each one of our products is considered a work of art, there is no guarantee that any two items would be exactly alike, and may change color and shape, and the fragrance may fade with time. Aromatherapy is not intended to replace medical care under the direct supervision of a qualified physician. Most products are made when ordered. Products made with Vanilla Extracts and Fragrances are expected to darken with time. This will NOT change the quality of the products ONLY THEIR COLOR.  Prices are subject to change without notice. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Products are intended to support general well being and are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.